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PLDI 2020
Mon 15 - Fri 19 June 2020
Fri 19 Jun 2020 13:40 - 14:00 at PLDI Research Papers live stream - Symbolic Execution Chair(s): Qirun Zhang

String-number conversion is an important class of constraints needed for the symbolic execution of string-manipulating programs. In particular solving string constraints with string-number conversion is necessary for the analysis of scripting languages such as JavaScript and Python, where string-number conversion is a part of the definition of the core semantics of these languages. However, solving this type of constraint is very challenging for the state-of-the-art solvers. We propose in this paper an approach that can efficiently support both string-number conversion and other common types of string constraints. Experimental results show that it significantly outperforms other state-of-the-art tools on benchmarks that involves string-number conversion.

Fri 19 Jun

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13:00 - 14:00
Symbolic ExecutionPLDI Research Papers at PLDI Research Papers live stream
Chair(s): Qirun Zhang Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

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Constant-Time Foundations for the New Spectre Era
PLDI Research Papers
Sunjay Cauligi University of California at San Diego, USA, Craig Disselkoen University of California at San Diego, USA, Klaus v. Gleissenthall University of California at San Diego, USA, Dean Tullsen University of California at San Diego, USA, Deian Stefan University of California at San Diego, USA, Tamara Rezk Inria, France, Gilles Barthe MPI for Security and Privacy, Germany / IMDEA Software Institute, Spain
Gillian, Part I: A Multi-language Platform for Symbolic Execution
PLDI Research Papers
José Fragoso Santos INESC-ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal , Petar Maksimović Imperial College London, UK, Sacha-Élie Ayoun Imperial College London, UK, Philippa Gardner Imperial College London, UK
Efficient Handling of String-Number Conversion
PLDI Research Papers
Parosh Aziz Abdulla Uppsala University, Sweden, Mohamed Faouzi Atig Uppsala University, Sweden, Yu-Fang Chen Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Bui Phi Diep Uppsala University, Sweden, Julian Dolby IBM Research, USA, Petr Janků Brno University of Technology, Czechia, Hsin-Hung Lin Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Lukáš Holík Brno University of Technology, Czechia, Wei-Cheng Wu University of Southern California, USA