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PLDI 2020
Mon 15 - Fri 19 June 2020
Andrey Mokhov

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Name: Andrey Mokhov

Bio: I am a software engineer at Jane Street London, and a visiting fellow at Newcastle University, UK. My research interests are in applying abstract mathematics and functional programming to solving large-scale engineering problems.

During my PhD study (2005-2009) I worked on asynchronous circuits and concurrency, and developed Conditional Partial Order Graphs to model the behaviour of concurrent systems by decomposing them into simple, well-understood parts. In 2014 I became interested in functional programming and translated some of my earlier research to the world of functional programming, publishing open-source libraries for algebraic graphs and selective functors. I have also done some work on the topic of software build systems – this topic has been gradually changing from “terrifying” to “fascinating” to me, and I’m yet to see where this journey goes. In 2019 I switched from academia to industry and joined Jane Street to work on the most popular OCaml build system Dune.

I am originally from Kyrgyzstan, where I received a Software Engineering degree (2000-2005) from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. I was a 5-time champion of Kyrgyzstan in algorithmic competitions and currently help to run the ACM ICPC Regional Contest in Kyrgyzstan.

Country: United Kingdom

Affiliation: Jane Street

Personal website: https://twitter.com/andreymokhov


BAPL 2020 Committee Member in Organizing Committee within the BAPL 2020 (Cancelled)-track
Chair in Program Committee within the BAPL 2020 (Cancelled)-track
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