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PLDI 2020
Mon 15 - Fri 19 June 2020
Wed 17 Jun 2020 07:20 - 07:40 at PLDI Research Papers live stream - Networking and Hardware Chair(s): Luís Pina

One of the major challenges faced by network
operators pertains to whether their network can meet input traffic
demand, avoid overload, and satisfy service-level agreements.
Automatically verifying if no network links are overloaded is
complicated—requires modeling frequent network failures,
complex routing and load-balancing technologies, and evolving traffic
requirements. We present QARC, a distributed control plane
abstraction that can automatically
verify whether a control plane may cause link-load violations under failures.
QARC is fully automatic and can help operators program
networks that are more resilient to
failures and upgrade the network to avoid violations.
We apply QARC to real datacenter and
ISP networks and find interesting cases of load violations.
QARC can detect violations in under an hour.

Wed 17 Jun
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06:20 - 07:40: Networking and HardwarePLDI Research Papers at PLDI Research Papers live stream
Chair(s): Luís PinaUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

YouTube lightning session video

06:20 - 06:40
NV: An Intermediate Language for Verification of Network Control Planes
PLDI Research Papers
Nick GiannarakisPrinceton University, USA, Devon LoehrPrinceton University, USA, Ryan BeckettMicrosoft Research, USA, David WalkerPrinceton University, USA
06:40 - 07:00
Compiler-Directed Soft Error Resilience for Lightweight GPU Register File Protection
PLDI Research Papers
Hongjune KimSeoul National University, South Korea, Jianping ZengPurdue University, USA, Qingrui LiuVirginia Tech, USA, Mohammad Abdel-MajeedUniversity of Jordan, Jordan, Jaejin LeeSeoul National University, South Korea, Changhee JungPurdue University, USA
07:00 - 07:20
Adaptive Low-Overhead Scheduling for Periodic and Reactive Intermittent Execution
PLDI Research Papers
Kiwan MaengCarnegie Mellon University, USA, Brandon LuciaCarnegie Mellon University, USA
07:20 - 07:40
Detecting Network Load Violations for Distributed Control Planes
PLDI Research Papers
Kausik SubramanianUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Anubhavnidhi AbhashkumarUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Loris D'AntoniUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, Aditya AkellaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison, USA