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PLDI 2020
Mon 15 - Fri 19 June 2020

We present $\lambda$PSI, the first probabilistic programming language and system that supports higher-order exact inference for probabilistic programs with first-class functions, nested inference and discrete, continuous and mixed random variables. $\lambda$PSI's solver is based on symbolic reasoning and computes the exact distribution represented by a program.

We show that $\lambda$PSI is practically effective—it automatically computes exact distributions for a number of interesting applications, from rational agents to information theory, many of which could so far only be handled approximately.

Fri 19 Jun
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05:00 - 06:00: PLDI Research Papers - Probabilistic Programming at PLDI Research Papers live stream
Chair(s): Sasa MisailovicUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

YouTube lightning session video

pldi-2020-papers05:00 - 05:20
Jianhui ChenTsinghua University, China, Fei HeTsinghua University, China
pldi-2020-papers05:20 - 05:40
Timon GehrETH Zurich, Switzerland, Samuel SteffenETH Zurich, Switzerland, Martin VechevETH Zurich, Switzerland
pldi-2020-papers05:40 - 06:00
Guillaume BaudartIBM Research, Louis MandelIBM Research, Eric AtkinsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Benjamin ShermanMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, Marc PouzetÉcole normale supérieure, Michael CarbinMassachusetts Institute of Technology, USA